Learn about Adalyne 7

Adalyne 7 Project is a new sound. We live in a wilderness that threatens our hope: a wilderness that takes life, stealing destiny, elegance, morality and self-respect. Adalyne 7 sings, “If you live and breathe, you have a destiny!” Your life is worthy of Ultimate Love. Don’t let the wilderness swallow you in loss of identity, purpose and hope. Believe in your ability to make a difference: You are destined to sing the Champions’ song – and “you don’t have to sing alone” anymore. 

Adalyne 7’s bio is in her songs. Get a free download of all her Lyrics with a physical CD. Become part of this Voice as you hear her songs and make them yours; “The world is getting dangerous, but not more dangerous than me.” Let’s be a danger to darkness together. He has brought us out of great darkness into Marvelous Light! 

Connect with Adalyne 7 and family. She is a new super hero. She moves in faith and grace – with courage. Seek out your destiny. Your own courage may surprise you.  This album was birthed from seeing the courage of two young women who were sixteen, leaning seventeen, and their loving Moms who faithfully loved and supported their daughters through the violence of divorce. These four women are Champions! And the love for them, plus imagination from the songwriters’ own creative hearts, birthed Adalyne 7’s first album. Contributors from L.A. to the UK and Europe, put their talents together for this work.  More is planned to come with your support. 

As the family of believers in Adalyne 7 grows, we plan to hold auditions to discover the performers of her music and these songs – from cross-cultural, international talent. These new faces and minds will carry the life and hope of this music even farther…into all the world? Come with us! 

The Adalyne 7 Project is all about you – and just what you need to believe in your destiny, value and importance. “I am silver and gold; I am the Garden of Eden.” 

Take a couple of minutes to hear and share this new music! Join the Champions!